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Sine and Time: An Aerial Dance Film

“Sine and Time” (working title) is an aerial dance film, being made with support from Dance Canvas, that explores how outside forces guide the ebb and flow of relationships. Individual worlds colliding as the result of happenstance combined with choice. 

Some of the relationships depicted include the blossoming of a relationship cut short by loss through a vertical dance duet, a harness trio that was pulled together by momentum navigating how to maintain connection when the forces that brought them together disappear, a relationship with deep roots exploring how far they can progress as a result of common ground. All of the relationships being woven together by the pendulous, sine wave-esque movement that results from being suspended by rope and harness.

My biggest priority is paying my dancers, technicians, and artistic contributors a fair wage. It is profoundly important not only to me and to the artistic world here in Atlanta, but the United States as a whole that we enable artists to work as professionals. Without support, we cannot provide you with the quality of art you deserve to enjoy. 

How can I support?



This link provides you with a tax deductible way to donate directly to this project (by selecting "Emily Stratton" from the drop-down menu) or to the film program as a whole.


By joining my Patreon you not only support the creation of this project, you also support the distribution of the film to festivals and aid in the creation of future endeavors (there are many)! As a thank you for your generosity, you get behind the scenes information about the making of projects, aerial choreography to use in your own endeavors, access to interviews with notable artists, and more,

Thus far, my amazing patrons have supported the purchase of equipment needed to create this film including; harnesses, ascenders, gri-gris, rope and carabiners.

Their contributions have also assisted in the improvement of my invented apparatus, the ring trapeze.

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