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Far more than an end goal, choreography an exciting journey of translating experience into movement. Whether you would like a custom piece to compliment your event, to collaborate on a project or guidance on your own choreographic endeavor, Emily would love to dive in.

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For Individuals

Together we connect the dots between skill level, desired elements, natural movement tendencies and goals to create your unique, fully realized performance. This particular offering is ideal for those wanting to uncover their own unique movement style then apply it to a specific goal and for those who need a unique solo or duet for an event or performance.

For Events

For events, shows, festivals etc. Emily works with you and your planning committee to hone in on the energy, look, time frame, physical space and desired elements of your event. With this knowledge she crafts performances, costuming and rigging that compliments your event.


Stage, film, site specific, running around in the woods, you name it. Emily will join forces with you to collect resources, divide labor, create artwork and make the joint vision a reality. 

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