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"Technique makes you safe, authenticity makes you memorable" 

A solid foundation gives you the ability to discover your own path. The goal of Emily's teaching is to give each individual an understanding of aerial theory, the strength and body awareness to execute skills with solid technique and the confidence to continually grow. All with the goal of creating artists who can make this art form a true expression of themselves. Every class is integrated with opportunities to gain further understanding through exploration.

Individuality goes beyond personality, every brain and body is unique. Emily strives to create a learning environment that enables everyone to feel safe, heard and empowered.

“Emily is a fantastic teacher. Her classes are safe spaces in all the sense of the term. Her holistic approach of the art form she teaches allow her students to evolve not only on the technical level, but also as well-balanced artist and/or performers. She makes sure to focus on each student strengths while also ensuring that they also improve their weaknesses. I had the chance to have both group and private lessons with this amazing person, and I know I am a better artist thanks to her!

To anyone looking to for a great teacher of aerial arts, no matter if you are completely new to this or an advanced aerialist, I would highly recommend!”

-Francois Bergeron



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Intro to Aerial Dance

Far more than stylized aerial arts beautiful branch of the aerial arts world integrates grounded dance movement with aerial movement to create fluid artistry inclusive of both earth and air. In this workshop we dip our toes into choreography, exploration, Aerial Dance history and creative exercises that help to draw everyone into the unique world of aerial dance. This workshop is ideal for aerialists who are unsure how to integrate floorwork and dancers who would like to begin their aerial dance journey.

* 1.5-3 hours long

* Offered on Fabrics, Lyra, Trapeze (static or dance), Corde Lisse and Sling.

* Can be tailored toward dance studios/groups, to aerial studios/groups or to complete beginners from any background.

*Minimum 5 students- maximum 12


Aerial Dance Expanded

As a more experienced aerialist or dancer, you are ready to expand your practice beyond stylized movement. How to start? In this workshop we explore methods to generate movement that translates to both the floor and the air as individuals and in partnership with others. Together let's push your exploration of the space between earth and sky to a deeper level.


* 1.5-3 hours long

* Offered on all aerial apparatus.

* Can be tailored toward intermediate- advanced dancers and aerialists. 

*Minimum 4 students- maximum 12


Intro to Aerial Fabrics

Referred to by a variety of names (silks, tissu, fabrics, tails etc.) it's hard to deny the beauty and joy of flying upon yards of 40 denier tricot polyester fabric! While their height and slippery look may seem daunting, I firmly believe everyone can fly and after this workshop, you will too! 

With an emphasis on safety, technique, body awareness and fun (very important) we will explore the powerful sensation of taking flight.


* 1.5 hours long

* Offered on Fabrics

* Full beginners through advanced beginners.

* Minimum 6 Students, maximum 10


Aerial Dance Choreography

Ready to learn some new choreography? While these  2.5-4 minute long aerial dance pieces on any apparatus are pre-set, Emily feels that it is important that each student embrace and share their personality. This means that in addition to the floor and air choreography being taught in a clear, methodical manner, time and opportunity for bringing your own soul to the table is baked in.


* 1.5-2 hours long

* Offered on all aerial apparatus

*  Can be tailored toward beginners-advanced individuals.

* Minimum 4 students-maximum 12


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Private Aerial Lessons

aerial lyra classes Fargo

Looking to grow, explore and find your artistic voice? Whether your goal is expanding your horizons, or blazing a brand new path for yourself, these 90 minute classes are all about you! You’ll be working with Emily one on one to grow into your own aerial voice. You’ll also be building up your foundational aerial technique on an apparatus of your choosing, and diving deeper into more advanced training and techniques with lesson plans tailored specifically to you.

aerial fabrics silks classes Fargo

Apparatus Options


This pleasing metal hoop is best known for its ability to spin and move dynamically. Its solid framework, and its ability to be used at many heights, offers a world of fluid and creative movement for you to explore.  



This beautiful pair of long, flowing fabrics is best known for its elegance, height and ability to be both soft and dynamic. So many possibilities! 


Trapeze (Static and Dance)

Two ropes, one bar, infinite possibilities. Trapeze combines the vertical fun of Aerial Fabric with the stability of metal, arguably the best of both worlds! Come explore the weaving, shape-shifting and expressive possibilities of Trapeze

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Group Classes


Group classes are a wonderful way to find your aerial family. Together we grow, learn and succeed in a supportive environment that celebrates each individual. By providing an understanding of theory, technique and body awareness, Emily's classes provide a foundation for artists to explore and create by bridging the gap between strength and artistry.

Classes can be taught in either a series or drop in format.

To explore her youth and adult classes at Akrosphere Aerial and Circus Arts, please visit their website HERE

Current offerings include

Beginner-Intermediate Fabric Technique

Beginner-Intermediate Lyra Technique

Aerial Dance on All Apparatus (also offered in workshop format)

Choreography Creation and Inspiration (only offered in series format)

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Private lessons
group classes
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