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Emily Stratton is a multi-disciplinary aerialist and modern dancer who fuses modalities to create choreography, unique performances and specialized classes. As an Aerial Dance specialist, she most enjoys exploring the infinite possibilities of earth, air and the space between the two. She she rolls, flips, and slinks about on fabrics, lyra, trapeze, corde lisse and her invented apparatus, Ring Trapeze, combining high flying, dynamic skill with detailed, complex movement to create art described as “buttery yet sharp” with sincerity and intention . 




Emily has taught movement for over 15 years. Starting with Kung Fu, moving on to dance, choreography, personal training, fitness, flexibility and finally, aerial arts and aerial dance. By combining the elements of her eclectic background, she meets students where they are to best serve their physical needs while building their artistic independence and full understanding of technique. Her goal for each aerial dance student is to give them everything they need in order to explore their own artistic voice. Her teaching does not kick anyone in the teeth. For more info and philosophy, check out the classes page 

The Long Version

Emily began to dance as an enthusiastic youth then kept moving and creating her way through a BA in Theater and Dance from Westmont College. After moving back home to Asheville NC in 2013, Emily immediately threw her first paycheck at the local aerial studio and said “teach me everything!” Two years later, Emily was accepted to the elite training program at the Santa Barbara Center for Aerial Dance where her continued education in traditional aerial dance led her into membership in The Paloma Project  as a performer. Five years later Emily was suddenly uprooted and plopped into Fargo ND without an aerial studio in sight. After much coaxing, Emily agreed to add the “aerial” to FM Aerial and Movement Arts thus co-creating the first dedicated aerial studio and performance troupe in North Dakota. As Emily is more “lizard” than “polar bear”, she and her husband happily accepted the opportunity to move back south to Atlanta where she dedicates her days to pushing forward her project "Archipelago" (for more info, please visit Patreon), conceptualizing new performances, experimenting with aerial theory as well as teaching group classes and private lessons.

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