About Emily Stratton



Emily is an aerialist and modern dancer who blends disciplines into contemporary Aerial Dance. As a lover of all things air-bound, Emily is a multi-disciplinary artist who choreographs, performs, and trains in Lyra, Trapeze, Silks, Corde Lisse and Sling. Her particular area of passion is momentum filled metal apparatus. She combines high flying, dynamic skill with detailed, complex movement to create emotional impact.

Emily has taught movement for over a decade. Combining her background in teaching dance, martial arts and fitness with her aerial and dance training, she meets students where they are to best serve their physical needs while building their artistic independence and full understanding of technique. Her motto is "technique makes you safe, authenticity makes you memorable".



Emily first learned how to teach from her amazing mother during their time at Shaolin Kung Fu of Asheville. She guided Emily through the process of class organization, timing and student interaction. Emily took this knowledge with her as she created (collaboratively and individually) and taught dance choreography at her high school and college. 

Post-grad Emily obtained her ACE Personal Training certification as well as her ACE Flexibility Specialist certification. In both Asheville NC and Santa Barbara CA Emily created and taught  group fitness curriculum including Flexible & Fit, BalleTone and Flexible & Fit Core. The most beloved of her fitness classes may be Bendy Class. A flexibility class for all levels that she taught at Shaolin Kung Fu of Asheville. In Santa Barbara, CA Emily worked as a personal trainer to a wide variety of clients ages 16-72. She loved solving the puzzle of physical capacity, goals and personality. 

In 2014 Emily taught at ArtSpace Charter school as the interim Dance Specialist Teacher, After-School Ballet and Choreography instructor and Elective class instructor for Haunted House Design. This entailed teaching grades kindergarten through six classes that correlated with their academic studies and a seventh and eighth grade dance elective class. These classes required a range of dance styles and class structures.

Currently, Emily is carefully teaching COVID-19 safe, private Aerial Dance lessons, Online Conditioning classes and small group classes  to a range of wonderful individuals in Fargo, ND. These classes combine everything that Emily loves; puzzle-solving individual needs/goals, fostering individuality, obtaining goals and most of all, Aerial Dance.


Born and raised in Asheville, NC, this is where Emily's aerial journey began. Throughout a childhood of gymnastics and martial arts, coming of age in dance and theater Emily knew that she wanted to be airborne. After graduating from Westmont College with a BA in Theater and Dance, Emily returned to Asheville from Santa Barbara, CA where she dove into training with the wonderful people at Aerial Space in addition to receiving her Personal Training certification and Flexibility Specialist Certification through ACE. During this time she began to teach dance, flexibility and fitness.

Two years later, Emily returned to Santa Barbara where she was accepted into the elite program at the Santa Barbara Centre For Aerial Dance. This is where Emily found her true love. Intertwining aerial work with contemporary dance felt like home. In this inspiring environment, Emily enjoyed every minute of growing into and performing as a company member of Ninette Paloma's Paloma Project.

Just under five years later, California sun turned to North Dakota snow when Emily and her husband relocated to Fargo. In Fargo she has spent her time generating chorography, training and teaching her amazing students.