Student Highlights


Words cannot express how fantastic each and every one of these humans are. Sharing * their hard work, creativity and expression sparks the maximum amount of joy. I hope you enjoy living vicariously through these images and videos!

If we have worked together and are willing to share any footage of your progress, proud moments, goofy moments etc. I would love to feature you! Please send videos/pictures to aerialdanceemily@gmail.com

Gasper's School of Dance Aerial Silks Intensive

December 2020

For three weeks, six amazing young women kept their noses cozy with cute masks, refreshed their sanitizer perfume regularly and avoided studio hugs all in the name of flight! Within three, two hour classes they explored the mechanics of aerial movement, began understanding why things work and used their infinite creativity to find expression within skill. These artists rose to the many challenges of holding up your whole body with just your hands, knees and feet with enthusiasm! Excellent work, artists! Thank you for flying with me!

*Permission to share images and video has been given verbally, written or through waiver by the individual featured or the individual and their guardian.